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LawBiz® TIPS – Week of December 20, 2011

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As I write this, I'm reminded that we are heading into the last few days of 2011. If you are a believer in numerology, and looked at the forecast at the beginning of the year, you would have seen that 4 (2+0+1+1) is the number of, among other things, a focus on finances. Following that theme, if you want to enter our coaching program, even if you want to delay the commencement date until after the holidays, payment made in 2011 would entitle you to a tax deduction on your 2011 tax return, a matter of prudent financial planning.

Time is running ... so call me quickly if you're interested.
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Kindling an Appreciation for New Technology

Five Books on Kindle, Each $9.99
Recently I was pleased to announce that five of my most popular publications are now available on Kindle,'s electronic book reader, at a price of $9.99 each. The publications (with Kindle access numbers) include:

  • Business Competency for Lawyers: A Lawbiz® Management Special Report (ASIN: B004YEMWQ8)

  • Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Planning for Law Firms: A LawBiz® Management Special Report (ASIN: B005V5PSZ6)

  • Law Firm Fees & Compensation: Value & Growth Dynamics: A LawBiz® Management Special Report (ASIN: B005V5B2JW)

  • Secrets of The Business of Law®: Successful Practices for Increasing Your Profits (ASIN: B004YEMXGM)

  • The Successful Lawyer-Banker Relationship: A LawBiz® Management Special Report (ASIN: B005V5B9WW)

Books Available in Different Formats
As ebooks continue to grow in popularity, I wanted to ensure that lawyers can access my publications through whichever medium is most convenient, including Kindle ebooks, or by using the Kindle app on popular tablets like the iPad. Of course, these and other publications are still available in hard copy through my website,

Paper Versus Online Books
Going the ebook route has required a bit of a perceptual adjustment for me - after all, I've written a number of articles that in one way or another are "in praise of paper" as a medium for books. My point has been that, just as we learn by touching things as children, as adults we retain emotionally positive feelings toward touching warm and familiar things like papers and books - while most of us view touching keyboards as a necessary evil. Moreover, books and magazines offer the free association that is made possible by glancing through printed pages. Facts and concepts leap off the page quickly and can be processed in different ways readily.

Technology is Useful in the Legal Profession
However, it seems to me that an ebook reader like Kindle essentially offers these same advantages. You hold it in your hand, can leaf through it as you choose, and can use it anywhere at any time. Technology is a tremendous tool when it is managed just as any other communication modality must be. Virtually all of the technology innovations that have meant so much for the legal profession are just another turn of the wheel in the law's evolution. Accepting the positives of this change - including use of an ebook reader - is now a necessity for any lawyer, including one as devoted to paper as I am.

Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times

Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times

"No matter how you slice it, there is no substitute for wisdom and experience ... Ed Poll has demonstrated both in this eye-opening book about the essential elements of running a profitable law practice ... He provides practical wisdom along with simple ways to adopt and incorporate best practices for each. After explaining the pros and cons of every decision, he makes recommendations and provides useful guides disguised as key principles ... Buy the book so you too can access Ed's wisdom and experience. It's worth much more than the investment."
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- Stewart L. Levine. Esq.
Founder, Resolutionworks; Author, Getting To Resolution; The Book of Agreement and Collaboration 2.0

Now Available: Price: $79
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Kindling an Appreciation for New Technology

Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times

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