Gramm-Leach - Do you yet know what this is?

July 2002

by Edward Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC

"A year after they were supposed to start complying with a federal law that protects consumers' financial information, many lawyers have never heard of the law or are unaware it applies to them." The author of this article elaborates on some of my earlier thoughts expressed in our E-Zine in 1999. I am sorry to see that lawyers are not yet acknowledging the seriousness of the issue, both as to the lawyers' responsibility under the Congressional Act and also as to the further erosion of lawyer-client confidentiality caused by this Act.

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You've got to make a profit to continue practicing law! Here is a suggestion to be profitable: If you can't track, you can't measure; if you can't measure, you'll never know if you're successful.

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July 2002