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Ed Poll
  Week of October 16, 2007

Build Loyalty through Inclusion

Readers of this newsletter and my blog,, are familiar with the ongoing saga of the vintage Airstream trailer that my wife and I purchased and have learned to love. Recently we went to a rally of Airstream owners, which was the idea of two separate Airstream clubs. And it was fascinating to see how the social values of the two groups differed. One was open and welcoming even to new folks. The other, an older group, was more cliquish and closed. The second group wondered why its membership was declining and the first group was experiencing a growth curve of some significance.
As the four days of the rally passed, we found ourselves drawn to the "open" group making friends with others who, also, were open to new people. It occurred to me that this is the way friendships (bonds between people) are created...and this is how new business develops.
At the conclusion of the event, my wife decided that we needed to join the "open" group even though we were members of the other group as a consequence of geography. And with a trailer, traveling from one event to another is not a major factor. We had found a group of folks with whom we resonated and we wanted to join them at other events in the future.
In this light, ask yourself: What do clients find when they come to your office for the first time? Is it a friendly environment with informative literature in the waiting room, available in languages that reflect your clients' primary languages? What about your physical office space? Is it in a non-threatening location with ample free parking, and a nicely appointed conference room that speaks to the potential for team meetings and collaboration? Above all, what about the members of your firm? Clients ultimately get their understanding of your firm by the way in which you AND your staff conduct yourselves. You should be a team fully and obviously committed to providing quality service and work product for the benefit of your clients. If these things are lacking, there's no reason for clients to stick around—they'll take their business, and their loyalty, where they get a warmer welcome.

Ed Poll

There is a common misconception that being an attorney requires only an expertise in law. But being an attorney is also about being an entrepreneur. Let us help you with the business side so that you can focus on your work.
• All assignments and coaching strategies are based on the results you want to see.
• With over 25 years of experience on all sides of the table, Ed will serve as your personal mentor, speaking your language and expertly helping you through the day-to-day minutia that is the reality of any law practice.
• As your private coach, Ed is available on your time frame and all calls and emails are returned within 24 hours.
• Ed helps you develop long-term career strategies to get you to your professional goals even after the coaching program is finished.

Ed Poll
Ed Poll

Personal Commentary
As friends in New Orleans will agree, you can never plan enough for unimaginable natural disasters to occur when you least expect them. Living on an earthquake fault line in Southern California, I'll never take disaster preparedness for granted. In this upcoming event I show how each and every law firm can take steps today to ensure a safe tomorrow—whatever Mother Nature has in store for us.
When: October 27, 2007 (9:45 a.m. PT - 10:45 a.m. PT)
Title: Finance Management Conference—Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Where: Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, Calif.
Organization: Association of Legal Administrators
Best wishes,
Ed Poll

Ed Poll
Ed Poll

What Readers Are Saying...
"Ed was coaching me during our firm reorganization when disaster hit! Key personnel departed and I was panic-stricken. Not only did he honor his commitment to 24/7, but his advice enabled me to refocus my priorities. Now, I'm eating, I'm sleeping, and I'm smiling thanks to his guidance."
-KH, England

Ed Poll
Ed Poll

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