Blogs as Marketing Tools: How Administrators Can Keep the Process Realistic and Effective

Published in Legal Management, November/December 2008

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In the Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movies of the early 1940s, the standard answer to any dilemma – we need more income, people don't take us seriously, nobody knows how talented we are – always seemed to have a simple solution: "Let's put on a show!" When a law firm's management professionals and lawyers confront these same marketing related issues today, the solution often seems to be: "Let's do a blog!"

Given the demands on lawyers' time in most firms, making that solution a reality inevitably seems to involve the office administrator in a small firm, or the marketing director in a larger one. Administrators should thus be aware of what good blogs should accomplish, and how the firm can set policies and procedures to make sure blogging is an effective marketing strategy and not just another "flavor of the month."

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