Technology as the Catalyst of a New Legal Dynamic

InsideLegal Thought Leaders Digest, October 2011

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Pundits have talked about two major trends in the legal profession the past several years. First, lawyers increasingly must become client-centric, understanding clients better and responding to their needs more completely, even beyond what successful lawyers have always done. Second, tremendous advances in electronic and computer technology enable lawyers to do more and better work in less time, which defines the service dynamic that clients increasingly demand.

The time savings, efficiency and commoditization of routine tasks and services afforded by computers and other electronic technology have freed the great majority of lawyers to focus on the creative, problem-solving aspects of their law practice while being able to meet client needs better. At the same time, though, the increased efficiency results in lower revenue without promising greater volume of work. Will lawyers be able to overcome this phenomenon, or will more become technologically unemployed?

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