Communication is Key: How to succeed during firm mergers and acquisitions

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Someone, somewhere in the organization had a great idea. Let's grow. Why? To expand, to better serve our clients and customers and to get new clients and customers who can use the services we already provide. Great idea; let's do it. The search starts, continues, and voila, a law firm candidate is found. Merger and acquisition results, a sigh of relief occurs. Mission accomplished. Now, let's move on.

But wait, what are we going to do with the new folks? As someone reminded me, no strategic plan fails, but implementation of the strategic plan can fail. I recently spoke to employees of several large entities, the names of which you would know; so, to protect the innocent, they will remain nameless. In one of our conversations, I asked if they knew “John.” They said that their group had just been reorganized... again. They are so large now that it's difficult to get to meet, let alone know, many of their colleagues.

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