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“After practicing law for 25 years in a number of capacities, and serving as the Chief Operating Officer for a mid-size firm, I realized that this law firm, as well as law firms all over the country, had the same difficult challenges to meet. I decided at that point with my love of the law and my knowledge of business, I could make a bigger impact on the legal community by becoming a consultant.”

For the last twenty years, Ed Poll has been the go-to coach and consultant for lawyers and law firms all over the world. He is an internationally recognized law firm strategist, best-selling author and renowned speaker who guides sole practitioners, managing partners, executive directors, and financial directors at small, mid-size, and large law firms how to increase revenue with long-term strategies for sustainability and how to refocus energy and reduce stress through enhanced performance and productivity.

An attorney who has experienced all of the ups and downs in the profession, he is able to work with other attorneys to help them be more effective with their clients and be more efficient in their delivery of services, thereby making them more profitable. His pragmatic approach has proven so effective, he has been able to help them significantly increase their profitability, lessen the stress they experience in the practice of law, and give them back feelings of control over their professional life.

Ed’s clients say it is like having an ally on their side. He acts as your professional and personal mentor with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the reality of a law practice. He is a trusted advisor who wants total success for his clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted advisor on your side of the table?

Ed Poll’s Consulting Programs

Ed Poll offers a variety of coaching / consulting programs on a variety of subjects. For details and further information, please Contact Us.

Individual Coaching

Ed will coach you how to achieve more income, gain control of your law practice, and experience peace of mind. He offers several customized plans, including:

  • Mentoring: Clients call or email Ed with questions as often as they want.
  • Coaching: Includes an initial goal-setting discussion followed by a weekly phone call.
  • Immersion Program: Includes a day of developing a strategic business/marketing plan that targets personal and professional goals, followed by weekly sessions.

Business Development

With Ed’s guidance, you will develop a customized plan that will advance you to your goals. The key is that he recognizes and provides the tools you need to take you from your current level of revenue to the next level of growth within your comfort zone.

Accounts Receivable Advice

If your firm is collecting less than 95% of its billings, Ed can help you bring in what is owed. A financial expert, he will show you the pre-invoice, billing, and follow-up methods that lead to quick payment.

Profitability Audits

Drawing on the best practices of the legal profession, Ed will analyze your operating procedures and recommend changes to increase profitability margins.

Turnkey Practice Transition

Whether you are moving from a large firm to your own practice, moving your practice to a new firm, or hanging out your own shingle, Ed will make the transition go more smoothly so that you can focus on your client work.

Strategic Planning

With Ed's help, you will learn how to set goals, create a marketing plan, avoid business problems, and create a cash flow statement. Your firm will enjoy greater profits resulting from more effective delivery of legal services to a higher quality roster of clients. Ed is the author of the book The Profitable Law Office Handbook: Attorney's Guide to Successful Business Planning.

"I look at Ed as my business partner now—my once a week essential business meeting to take the pulse of my practice. During our one-hour phone conversations, we hash out the larger and smaller business challenges of my law firm. I always come away from those conversations enlarged, challenged, and sometimes even quite shaken, but with the tools necessary to move forward down the path he and I are constantly redefining for me and my firm."

Northern California

Who benefits from coaching?

Ed coaches top performers who are open to increasing profitability. Clients include sole practitioners, managing partners, executive directors, and financial directors at small, mid-size, and large law firms. Ed's clients have experienced:
  • Objective, situational assistance from one of the country's top coaches and consultants
  • Increased revenue with long-term strategies for sustainability
  • Attainment of partnership level
  • Enhanced performance resulting from focused energy and reduced stress
  • Feelings of increased control over professional life
  • Heightened productivity due to being held accountable and being questioned and challenged

Our private coaching program is tailored to your personal goals.

There is a common misconception that being an attorney requires only expertise in law. But being an attorney is also about being an entrepreneur. Coaching can help you with the business side of the legal profession so that you can focus on your litigation and transactional work.

  • All assignments and coaching strategies are based on the results you want to see.
  • With over 25 years of experience on all sides of the table, Ed will serve as your personal mentor, speaking your language and expertly helping you through the day-to-day minutia that is the reality of any law practice.
  • As your private coach, Ed is available on your timeframe. All calls and emails are returned within 24 hours.
  • Ed helps you develop long-term career strategies to get you to your professional goals even after the coaching program is completed.

"Ed was coaching me during our firm reorganization when disaster hit! Key personnel departed and I was panic-stricken. Not only did he honor his commitment to 24/7, but his advice enabled me to refocus my priorities. Now, I'm eating, I'm sleeping, and I'm smiling thanks to his guidance."


Levels of Coaching Programs

We offer three coaching choices to suit your professional needs. All coaching is done on a 6-month cycle to learn new habits and sustain them. You will always deal directly with Ed Poll and all information will be kept confidential.

  • Mentoring - This laissez faire approach is for those who would rather contact a coach on their own schedule. Clients can call or email with questions as often as they want. Appointments are not necessary, and a response is guaranteed within 24 hours during normal business hours.

    $3,500 per cycle
    Click here to order.

  • Coaching - An initial goal-setting discussion will determine your objectives. Ed will then call once weekly to discuss current issues and set assignments, depending on the nature of the challenge. These discussions are designed to move you closer to achieving your goals. Phone calls are not regulated for time, but single calls will not extend beyond one hour. Clients are also free to email and call with questions as often as they want. Responses guaranteed within 24 hours, even on weekends.

    $6,000 per cycle
    Click here to order.

  • Immersion Program - Ed will spend a day with you to develop a strategic business/marketing plan that targets your personal and professional goals. Weekly sessions will follow to discuss your current challenges and issues that hinder your focus on reaching those goals you set for yourself in the strategic planning session with Ed. You will have unlimited phone and email access and responses are guaranteed within 24 hours. Travel is incremental to this fee and will be invoiced at cost as incurred.

    $12,500 per cycle
    Click here to order.

Payment for coaching services is nonrefundable; however, you may put a coaching program on a one-time freeze at any point, for up to 30 days, at which time we stop the calendar until you're ready to begin again.

We offer other options for mentoring or advanced strategic business development. Contact us for more information.

Invest in your full potential and enroll today

Call Ed at (800) 837-5880 or email him at to make your first no-commitment appointment to discuss your business goals and objectives and find out if coaching is right for you.

More Testimonials

"On a personal level, I'm not scared any more. The recession reduced my wife and me from a comfortable two-income family to a one person income and a capital drain. When I first called Ed, I truly was counting the months until we would have to put the house on the market... The things we have put in place and will continue working on guaranteed my business picking up."

Northern California

"It has been a pleasure and a real assistance speaking to Ed on a weekly basis about issues as they came up, and about developing a roadmap for future actions. It was great to know that no matter what the issue, Ed has been there to field questions and provide amazing ideas."

Central California

"I worked with Ed for a year while working to become a partner in my law firm. With Ed's coaching, I was able to achieve that goal at the end of the year. Through his coaching techniques, Ed showed me how to communicate assertively and confidently with the partners I needed to persuade to vote for my promotion into the partnership and to convince them of my abilities. I can honestly say that without Ed's help, I would not have made such an excellent impression on my partners."


"I'm gradually learning, through my weekly coaching sessions, how to get in touch with what I like to think of as my 'inner Ed.' With 'Ed in my head' between coaching sessions, I have been able to negotiate better fees ? and attract more work and a higher quality clientele ? With Ed as my ally, the stress of being a sole practitioner is greatly reduced."

New York

"When I had my own private practice as a solo practitioner, I wanted to run my office as efficiently and profitably as possible. I researched business coaches and discovered that most had "passive" models as their basis for coaching, i.e. they would promise all the things they would do for my practice without my having to invest time and energy into the process. I'm so glad I chose Ed Poll instead, for he had an "active" model, i.e. how much I got out of the coaching was directly dependent upon what I put into it. Over a period of six months, Ed conferenced with me and gave me weekly assignments for structuring my practice as well as giving me tips on how to work with clients from the initial interview through to the end of the case. After working with Ed, I didn't have a single outstanding account receivable over $500. The time I spent working with Ed was invaluable and I would recommend him to any attorneys interested in improving the quality and profitability of their practices."

Los Angeles, CA

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