Expert Witness Services

An expert witness can be a crucial support for a litigation team, perhaps the difference between persuading the trier of fact (judge or jury) that your client's story has merit and is the perspective to be believed.

Why should you consider engaging Ed Poll as your expert witness?

  • An expert witness should thoroughly understand the litigation environment.
    Ed Poll does. He was a litigator from the moment he started his career, as a prosecutor, followed by years of working in the civil side.

  • An expert witness needs to know how to prepare a report that will focus the reader's attention on the issues the lawyer wants to raise.
    Ed's extensive experience means he quickly understands the issues of concern to the lawyer and can prepare his report to address those issues specifically. Ed is also able to hear the perspective of the lawyer where modifications are requested, while at the same time not changing either the basis or conclusion of his opinion.

  • An expert witness needs to be able to work with the client's attorney without a clash of egos. Ed understands this and addresses the true issues for the client.
    That sensitivity, in part, comes from Ed having been a client himself. Having owned and operated several manufacturing companies that needed counsel from time to time, Ed learned what to expect from lawyers from the other side of the table—and how best to deal with them. That experience helps you when you hire Ed as an expert witness.

  • An expert witness should have experience in this capacity.
    Ed has worked as an expert witness in both civil litigation and state bar disciplinary proceedings.

  • Both the lawyer and the client want to know what the expert's fee will be.
    Ed works on a fixed fee basis in order to provide certainty to both the lawyer and the client. Further information on fees will be developed on inquiry for a designated engagement.

For more information, contact Ed.