Administrators to the Rescue: Taking Charge and Staying Out of the "Riffed" Pool

Published 08/01/2009

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"Stop the world, I want to get off!" As many people who have been laid off from their law firms in recent months must feel, the title of the popular Broadway show seems to say it all: Put on the brakes before the world spins out of control.

More than 10,000 lawyers and staff have been let go from so-called "Big Law," but who is keeping track of layoffs in smaller law firms? But, then again, who is counting anymore?

What started me on this thought was an e-mail exchange I had recently with a friend. Over the years of our working together, I had worked with a woman at my friend's company when he was absent. Let's call her Jane. During a recent call, I learned that she was no longer with the company. I asked my friend what happened to Jane. He said that she " the last RIF ..." I could not remember the meaning of the phrase.

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