Selling a Law Practice Should Be Profitable

Ed can help you successfully transfer the value of your practice through a sale, merger, retirement, or breakup, turning your years of effort in building client files and a reputable practice into real money. Thanks to changes in the American Bar Association's Rules of Professional Conduct in 1991, small firms, sole practitioners, and their heirs can now get get paid for the goodwill of their practices.

For those considering selling their practices, Ed offers four options to help you get the most return on the business you’ve built.

Option 1:

Do It Yourself Do it yourself with help from our resources for selling a practice:

Option 2:

Web Site Listing Your law practice will be listed on the LawBiz® web site, a site reviewed by many lawyers seeking to jumpstart and expand their current law practices. This may be the closest service to a multiple listing currently available. The listing will contain the contact information you choose to provide and all further information and contact shall be with you. When you place your order (insert the link again), please not the location for insertion of the copy for your advertisement. Feel free to contact Ed Poll for more information or assistance in preparing the verbiage for your ad.

$1,295 for six months
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Option 3:

Practice Valuation

LawBiz® will provide you with a ballpark valuation of your practice, based on Ed Poll’s more than 20 years of experience in buying and selling law practices and other businesses, and his extensive writing on the subject. Contact us for more information.

Option 4:

Consulting for the Sale of your Practice

LawBiz® will value your practice, as well as consult with you to sell your practice. We’ll work with you throughout the entire process.

With this option, Ed will:

  • Analyze your practice and provide a valuation range, based on your financial data, client base and marketplace guidelines.
  • Develop a “prospectus” or “statement of offering,” based on Ed’s familiarity with the legal marketplace, to represent your firm and appeal to potential buyers.
  • Advise you on the negotiating strategy that can get you the best offer available.
  • Ensure that your sale complies with the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern the transfer of your practice.
  • Coach you in the transition into the merged practices once the sale/purchase is complete, for three months.

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