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LawBiz® TIPS – Week of January 27, 2015

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Last weekend was the first night in our new home; it's exciting, challenging, scary and the beginning of a new adventure...just like starting a new practice. The journey is easier and more successful with a knowledgeable coach.

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Profitability: Internal and External Faces

Lawyers should be two-faced. Certainly not deceitful and backstabbing, as is the traditional definition of two-faced. Rather, there are two faces that every lawyer has to address. The two faces are "internal" and "external."

Internally, a lawyer has to make sure that he's a team player with the management of the firm, whether this be a two-person firm or a 3,000-attorney firm. Especially in the large firm, lawyers won't get to know everybody, but they've got to connect with the people who are important to their practice area because new partners will be elevated or created by practice area. Thus, if you're a litigation person and the firm decides that there are only going to be five litigation partners, you will certainly want to be considered for one of the five positions. If there are five there already, they may not make another lawyer partner even if there is another lawyer entitled to it, even if another lawyer is good enough for it, even if another lawyer has the right metrics. This is why lawyers have to understand their environment and get the right cases forwarded to them in order to shine-some cases are mundane, and other cases give lawyers the opportunity to sparkle-and show that they are team players.

Externally, lawyers have to provide the right quality and the right service to their clients. Even lawyers who are members of the team must be responsive. The No. 1 complaint against lawyers is failure to respond. If you are responsive and return clients calls within ninety minutes or less, you're responsive. And if you can understand what the matter is and make suggestions as to how to get to the jugular with less cost to the client, so much the better.

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Profitability: Internal and External Faces

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"I wanted assistance from someone outside the firm: an expert who knew and understood the practice of law, business development and marketing, and law firm dynamics, ethics and politics. I needed someone who knew the practice of law to give me good and solid advice on how to raise my professional profile in the legal community and within the firm and to address challenges associated with working in a law firm environment. Through Ed's invaluable coaching and no-nonsense approach, he enabled me not only to stay employed at the firm, but to make partner and have a future with the firm. Since I began working with Ed, my family has noticed the positive effect on my confidence level, goals, and direction. My wife has been supportive of Ed since Day One."

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