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LawBiz® TIPS – Week of May 19, 2015

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This past week was exciting if you are into sports ... In California, the 10th year of the Amgen California Tour, an 8 days stage race. The winner, after 8 days and over 700 miles, finished only 3 seconds ahead of second place rider, the closest race 10 years. As in other sports, a "W" is a win, irrespective of by how much. Winning requires commitment, perseverance and teamwork. The same is true in every endeavor, including The Business of Law® ... This is a marathon, not a sprint ... even if several segments are sprint-like in feeling. Those who lack the commitment to invest in themselves are unlikely to succeed.

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Temps: A Temporary Solution to a Temporary Problem

When calamity strikes, it can be doubly disastrous, affecting your staffing situation in addition to the area immediately affected by the calamity. But this is one part of the disaster that you can control—by working with temporary employees to fulfill your staffing needs.

Temps from a temporary employment agency can be a viable solution to a small firm's or solo practitioner's personnel needs. However, if you need anything other than the most basic clerical assistance, it would be wise to consider employing a temporary on a long-term basis, in a strategy known as "temp to perm." This option accommodates extended projects and protracted litigation; it is best pursued with a temporary agency that specializes in temporary legal personnel.

Another type of temporary service solution can come through the outsourcing process. Service outsourcing is a dramatic and high-profile development in which high-speech Internet technology connects U.S. law firms with the growing pool of educated talent in developing countries where the use of English is widespread, with India being the prime example. Such offshore legal service providers can reduce by up to 80 percent the cost of the following:

  • Transcription of voice files from depositions, trials, and hearings
  • Accounting support in the preparation of time sheets and billing materials
  • Paralegal and clerk support for research and file management
  • Data entry for marketing, conflict checks, and contact management
  • Litigation support graphics
  • Legal research, including case citation summaries
  • Review and due diligence of business documents
  • Patent review and searches

This is not the practice of law. It's the provision of high-quality, low-cost legal support products under the supervision of licensed attorneys. And because the work is delivered electronically and produced under the firm's supervision, it is transparent to the client.


Temps: A Temporary Solution to a Temporary Problem

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"In the short time that Ed has been coaching me, his comments and guidance have been invaluable. Within weeks, he has improved my self-confidence immeasurably, guided me to run my law practice more like a business and most importantly, helped me obtain my goal of increasing my income while decreasing the time I spend working. It is a joy and pleasure working with Ed and I look forward to each coaching session. My only regret is that I did not start with you sooner."

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"I was initially reluctant to expend the money for Ed Poll's strategic planning session, but knew that in order to grow in an organized manner, I needed to spend the time in a one-on-one session. By the end of the first hour of our session, Ed helped me formulate a plan which, when implemented, resulted in an amazing return on the investment of the session. Ed then proceeded to analyze my financial statements and helped me to see my business in strictly financial terms—something us attorneys don't normally do. If we had concluded our session then, I would have felt that it was extremely worthwhile and would have felt that I had received my "money's worth." But I have now used Ed as my business coach for the past two years and have been extremely impressed with his practical approach to the practice of law. With Ed's encouragement, I find myself coming up with creative ideas regarding how to grow my business. I now feel that I can engage in the business of law, leaving my team to engage in the practice of law."

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