Scott Rockfeld, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Discussion about Microsoft OneNote™

90% of our work is unstructured, according to Scott Rockfeld, Group Product Manager for Microsoft. In discussing MS's new product, OneNote™, Scott tells us how to work in our world with a new approach.

Remember how we used to take notes on a piece of paper and stick it in our pocket … or use a 3M Post-it? OneNotetrade; allows us to capture all our random thoughts, to-do's and miscellaneous ideas, place them in OneNote™ and then either search for them or organize them at a later date.

It doesn't matter whether these ideas we want to retain for later use come from our own mental meanderings, meetings, brain-storming sessions, conference calls or other sources. Irrespective of origin of the idea we want to capture, we can do so and then worry about organizing and using it later.

Listen to Scott, our very first discussion in our Podcast series, explain more about OneNote™, a new product worthy of your serious review.

27 minutes, 41 seconds

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