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Recognized law firm strategist Ed Poll is a noted member of the National Speakers Association who regularly presents keynote speeches and seminars for law firm retreats, conferences, individual clients, bar associations, and other organizations. Ed's practical wisdom comes from his 25 years of experience as a lawyer and law firm chief operating officer, corporate general counsel, government prosecutor, sole practitioner, and law firm partner, and 20 years as coach and consultant to the legal profession. Regardless of your audience, Ed speaks your language.

Thousands of audience members across the country have raved about Ed's popular way of looking at The Business of Law™.

Talks are presented in the context of current business trends and increasing competition.

Ed spells out his top tips to improve client service and exceed client expectations in the ever-changing business world. Each tip is a specific point of practical, usable information that lawyers can act upon immediately. Presentations often conclude with Ed's Seven Golden Insights, putting his advice into perspective.

Popular topics include:

  • Increasing revenue and profitability
  • Managing client perceptions and expectations
  • Communicating more effectively with clients
  • Getting bills paid on time and in full
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Examples of some of our most popular training, seminar, and speaking topics include:

Managing Client Expectations: Becoming More Effective and Profitable

Stop waking up in the middle of the night thinking about your law firm and start controlling your practice and increasing your revenue tenfold. Ed covers the marketing and collections challenges law firms face in a troubled economy. Attendees will learn about opportunities for growth in "family" work that exists between commodity work and bet-the-company cases. He identifies where lawyers can fail in their profession, and how to succeed.

Getting Paid: Collecting Fees from Difficult Clients

As in every business, there are customers or clients who do not pay their bills with the same degree of promptness they expect for themselves. The national average age of lawyers' accounts receivable exceeds four months. Happy clients pay their bills and Ed demonstrates techniques that keep clients happier with the service performed. His presentation will shorten the fee payment cycle and result in more new business in the process.

Disaster Recovery – Planning for Business Continuity

In today's world, disasters befall us frequently. They don't have to be the apocalypse to disrupt our law firms' efficient operations, causing pain to lawyers, staff, and clients, or moving our law firms closer to the precipice of extinction.

Disasters can come in all shapes and forms... from a 9/11 catastrophe, to an earthquake, a building fire, burst water pipes that cause leaks into our file retention room, or the sudden accidental death of a rainmaker.

The real issue is not what type of disaster will occur, but rather what will the firm do to overcome the disaster to survive ... and then thrive. In this interactive session, Ed will discuss how to plan, what to plan for, and the benefits of such planning. He’ll describe steps we can take to use the preparation process that may enable firms to improve current operations, even before a disaster strikes. In this presentation, you’ll learn what to do before and after a disaster, from the all-important people issues to records retention and recovery to financial and facility concerns.

Ed's comments are the distillation of approaches developed in his Executive Directors' Roundtable created as a result of the 9/11 disasters in New York and Washington, D.C. These law firms developed approaches they will use to assure the continuity of their firms in the face of future disasters in order to serve their people: staff, clients, and vendors.

Operating and Profiting from Your Law Practice

Jump-starting a struggling practice is fraught with challenges that can be overcome. There are subtle traps and snares waiting for firms and lawyers who have not heard Ed Poll's presentation on operating and profiting from a law practice. This seminar examines important issues on the way to professional practice success and offers practical, nuts-and-bolts advice for successful and profitable law firm practice.

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