Characteristics of Success

April 2001

by Edward Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC

Tim Connor, CSP, suggested that there are certain characteristics of successful salespeople. Adapting his principles to the legal profession, one might say that the differences between successful business originators (finders) and those who are good producers, but don’t originate much new business (grinders), include the following:

  • Get more information than they give
  • Ask good questions
  • Are really good listeners
  • Promise a lot and deliver more
  • Are interested in your satisfaction, happiness, concerns, etc.
  • Are more interested in how you benefit than what they get in the form of compensation
  • Care about you
  • Want a long-term relationship
  • Sell value, not price
  • Are an ongoing resource for their clients
  • Ask for the business
  • Prospect every day

How many of these characteristics do you possess? Many people believe that these characteristics are in-born. I agree, for example, that one cannot be taught to care about other people. If, however, you care about others, I believe that most of the other characteristics of successful people can be taught. In fact, but for our ability to learn, the teachings and writings of many people such as Stephen Covey, Zig Zigler, Jack Canfield, Bryan Tracey and many others would fall on deaf ears. Merely being a good technician is no longer sufficient. Take time now and create the inventory of where you need to tweak your skills ... and then "just do it"... and reach for your dreams of success!

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April 2001