Top 10 technology recommendations for 2008

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Published on 1/21/08

The following items are the Top 10 technology tools that I use. They make a difference both in the effectiveness and efficiency with which services can be delivered. Everyone has personal favorites, and no single list can be either complete or exclusive; this just happens to be my list. Please send me your thoughts and favorites as well.

  1. Motorola Razr

    The mobile phone makes any businessperson independent of location. There are many brands and models available. Personally, I prefer the Razr, which keeps the phone function separate and apart from other functions, such as Internet capacity and personal contact lists.

  2. Lenovo Laptop

    I have long used the IBM (now Lenovo) ThinkPad. Recently, I bought a new one and this time was not persuaded away from my preference for a small unit. I love its small size, speed and battery life, better than any previous unit I've owned.

  3. Websites and

    These will help you stay connected with your "home" PC while traveling anywhere in the world. I use the former, while the latter is a newer option that many prefer. Of course, your home PC must be "on" in order to make contact.

  4. Fujitsu ScanSnap

    This is a fabulous desktop tool for short, fast scanning and distribution. It saves a great deal of time — and postage.

  5. Check-scanner for bank deposits

    This item (a new discovery for me) allows one to make deposits anytime of the day or night. Make certain, though, that the convenience of not going to the bank so often doesn't jeopardize personal connection with bank personnel. This is important when you need bank services such as credit lines, etc. Knowing the people enables benefits that "strangers" cannot obtain.

  6. Dual and triple monitors

    This is a process innovation that has allowed me to have my desktop open while working on another application. It's "cool."

  7. QuickBooks Pro

    Great for home-based accounting systems, it also can be adapted for client trust accounting. See Chapter 26 in "The Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law," 2nd ed. (ABA 2003).

  8. Google alerts

    These e-mail alerts tell you when key words that you specify (such as trade names, client names, etc.) are mentioned by others on the Internet — an important tool to stay current.

  9. Tivo

    Why waste time watching commercials? Tivo the television programs you choose, watch when you want and fast-forward through the commercials.

  10. Garmen Nuvi

    This is a portable GPS navigator, traveler's reference and digital entertainment system, all in one, and again is a new tool for me. I have some operational issues with the unit. Sometimes, the directions take me on out-of-the-way circles; I'm told that I'm not alone with this experience, nor is this brand the only one with such issues. However, by the same token, the Garmen Nuvi helped me navigate "foreign" (to me) places such as New York City and others. As I learn to better navigate with the Garmen, and as its future units are improved, I'm sure I will become even more dependent on this tool.

The foregoing are my personnel favorites and comments. Don't forget that technology is a tool only, not an end in itself. Thus, I now carry a Filo-Fax calendar with me instead of a PDA. It's faster to open and not subject to power outages, etc.

The proper mix between the "old" and the "new" will make you the most efficient and the most effective practitioner.

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