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LawBiz® TIPS – Week of May 20, 2014

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Lessons Learned from Election-Year Politics

In case you hadn't noticed-and how could you not?-2014 is an election year. Although many politicians and political wannabes began whatever race they're in with good intentions in terms of running a clean campaign, many elections across the United States have already digressed into what has sadly become the usual dirty, mudslinging politics.

We can-and should-all take notes on what NOT to do from these negative campaigns. In particular, there are two very important lessons to be learned: (1) do not treat your colleagues as enemies and (2) do not behave in a reprehensible fashion.

1. Do NOT treat your colleagues as enemies.

From one perspective, your colleagues may be seen as your competition. However, this is a grossly limited perspective. In fact, your colleagues can be your biggest supporters and the reason for much of your success.

Colleagues can send business your way, especially if you develop a specialty or niche market. Many lawyers can't handle every type of issue, so they need colleagues with skills in certain areas. Similarly, your colleagues can be a great resource for you in matters in which you need special expertise. Collaborative alliances and other shared-space and retainer arrangements can be a financial and professional benefit for both parties.

2. Do NOT behave in a reprehensible fashion.

Electors are disgusted with the behavior of politicians. It is common knowledge that many don't even bother to vote anymore because there is not a single candidate who has earned their allegiance. Clients, like electors, would like to be able to respect the people whose services they engage.

Make sure that your behavior is beyond reproach. Combined with solid representation, your personal characteristics and behavioral ethic will do more to ensure client loyalty than will any tactics of the type employed by politicians.

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Lessons Learned from Election-Year Politics

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