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LawBiz® TIPS – Week of June 12, 2012

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This last weekend was time to spend with my NY grandchildren. First, Eva and I went to the American Girl store in Manhattan. And the next day, Gibby and I went to Sam Ash's Guitar store. Both youngsters are fantastic and it was a pleasure to be with them and see their excitement when they realized what we were doing.

I'd welcome your thoughts about my recent commentaries concerning customer service (Verizon) and the business issues faced by Dewey leading up to their filing for bankruptcy. Wall Street Journal puts lawyers in a special category, expressing concern over their fees, yet failing to acknowledge the wondrous work they perform for their clients. Yes, law is a business and The Business of Law® (my trademark since 1995) is evident every day. There is no reason to take on lawyers and ignore the CEOs whose poor management judgment pushed companies into bankruptcy.
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Are You a Thought Leader?

Share Your Ideas
When I began my consulting practice twenty-two years ago, it was not with the intention of becoming a media star. My goal was to be an independent, objective ally who could listen to the challenges lawyers face and provide advice on what works best. Of course, that leads to a bit of a challenge - so many lawyers, so little time. I thus made the conscious decision years ago to leverage my coaching by engaging in another love, writing. Through books and articles and blog posts it was my objective to share coaching ideas and strategies with a wider audience.

My Writing Led to Speaking and More
Over time, however, an interesting phenomenon has taken place. Not only have I reached more lawyers through my writings, I've reached more people generally. Journalists increasingly do Internet research to find those experts with an informed opinion on topics they are writing about. And if you write articles, books or blogs, you are on the Internet. Writing also frequently leads to an increase in the number of speaking invitations I've received. In short, without really intending it, I've been quoted in The New York Times, The Journal (ABA), Lawyers Weekly and many other publications and have been a leader in the National Speakers Association, among other organizations. In short, I've become what is termed a "thought leader."

Create Your Reputation As a Leader
This is important for any lawyer to aspire to, by specifically creating a reputation as a leader in a given field. This means potential clients who have seen your articles or heard your talks and ask for you by name. A thought leader is someone who has evidenced their capabilities, their knowledge of the industry involved, and the leading stature of their expertise. In my case the dynamic runs like this. If you need to improve your firm performance, get a consultant; or, if you need to improve your firm performance, get LawBiz Management; or, better yet, if you want to improve your firm's performance and reduce your stress, get Ed Poll, a thought leader of law practice management.

Becoming a Thought Leader is a Process
Becoming a thought leader is a process. Write articles for local and national publications in your field; speak at conferences; create teleseminars; create a video; do podcasts; refine and improve your website; send out an electronic newsletter. The channel of idea distribution is not magic; pursue as many as possible. The more that your target market sees your name and knows who you are, the more likely they are to call you - if you've validated that call beforehand by establishing the reputation as a thought leader.

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Are You a Thought Leader?

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"I wanted assistance from someone outside the firm: an expert who knew and understood the practice of law, business development and marketing, and law firm dynamics, ethics and politics. I needed someone who knew the practice of law to give me good and solid advice on how to raise my professional profile in the legal community and within the firm and to address challenges associated with working in a law firm environment. Through Ed's invaluable coaching and no-nonsense approach, he enabled me not only to stay employed at the firm, but to make partner and have a future with the firm. Since I began working with Ed, my family has noticed the positive effect on my confidence level, goals, and direction. My wife has been supportive of Ed since Day One."

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