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LawBiz® TIPS – Week of September 25, 2012

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Building ROI for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Levels the Playing Field
There is tangible marketing value in law firm social media use. The social media marketing efforts of small firm practitioners can generate awareness and get potential clients to initiate contact, leveling the playing field among all firms. Clients with a need can decide whether the lawyer's skills match it, making the decision as educated buyers. As with advertising or a website, social media furthers the process of educating the public about what lawyers can do and how to contact the ones with the skills they need for their current matter.

Revealing Personal Qualities and Interests
Platforms like Twitter and Facebook give prospects a personal feel from what lawyers reveal about their personality in comments about family, hobbies and opinions. Similarly, practice opinions and insights on a blog build credibility.

Increased Use of Social Media by Law Firms
It's no coincidence that the American Bar Association 2011 Legal Technology Survey Report (pp. xii-xv, not available online) found that 42% of respondents said their firms maintain an online presence in social media, compared to 17% in 2010 - and 65% of individual respondents said that they personally have an online professional presence, obviously including a sizable number who have such a presence even if their firms don't.

How to Maximize Your Internet ROI
It's essential for any lawyer who does have such a presence to maintain it and integrate it with the full range of online marketing tools. There are fundamental rules for maximizing social media and Internet ROI in ways that increase social media visibility.

  • Make your tools interact with each other - don't build silos. Ensure that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter content is consistent and feeds into both blogs and your own biographical profile on the firm's website.

  • Create LinkedIn profiles that link directly to website bios and are consistent with them.

  • Create blog topics that demonstrate thought leadership and be prepared to update posts at least weekly, if not more often.

  • Link to others so they'll link to you. Register your blog with blog directories and legal blog lists to increase your exposure to potential clients.

Social Media Use Can Increase Your Visibility
Law firms and lawyers that make social media interact in this way have far better marketing results, specifically more web visitors, inbound links and indexed pages. More website visitors mean more people to convert to leads and new business.

Blogging or active Twitter feeds in particular will likely increase the number of calls you receive from reporters, who are extensive searchers of blogs and other social media tools for sources. Blogging and other social media initiatives frequently lead to an increase in the number of speaking invitations attorneys receive. This is important for one reason above all: visibility. The more that your target market sees your name and knows who you are, the more likely they are to call you.

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Building ROI for Social Media Marketing

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What Clients Are Saying:

"I requested that (my partners) allow me to take on the management of the firm and suggested the creation of a business plan.... (Our practice) is a successful practice, but in dire need of a direction -- and a business plan. They agreed to give me a shot and entertain a rough outline of my ideas. I was shocked when they agreed, but then horrified at the task before me. However, sitting on my shelf is "The Business of Law" that I purchased from you a few years ago. I began to read it and a whole new world has opened up for me. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for writing the book... I am excited about the opportunity I have and just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you do for the field."

Pleasanton, CA

"I was an associate at a large national law firm and I felt "stuck," but I didn't know how to market myself to clients or to other firms. Ed's focus on the business side of the law firm provided a solid grounding for me to evaluate my current situation and a platform from which I could start growing my own practice. In many ways, working with Ed is like working with a therapist. Part of my coaching process with Ed has been getting to understand more thoroughly my strengths and weaknesses as both a marketer and as a lawyer. After working with Ed for six months, I was ready to market myself to other firms: I developed a clearly articulated set of objectives and Ed has gave me the tools that I needed to increase my exposure. Today, I am working for a law firm that provides better opportunities for my professional growth."

San Francisco, CA

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