Christopher Marston, CEO, Exemplar Law Partners, LLC, Providing Value to Clients

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Christopher Marston is the CEO of Exemplar Law Partners, LLC, in Boston, MA. He has been receiving a lot of press coverage lately. Why?

Chris, a member of the Massachusetts Bar, was the CFO of a technology company. This is his first venture into creating his own law firm. He brings his financial and management expertise to the opening of Exemplar Partners.

Chris talks about providing value to clients. This means, among other things, no hourly billing and valuing the firm's human capital by creating the right work environment. He also talks getting clients more involved with their own legal matter to help increase their level of satisfaction.

Listen to Chris's comments which are unbiased by historical restraints of the legal profession. If you agree with him, think about how you can apply his principles to your own law firm and practice.

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