Ed Poll's Road to Revenue, The LawBiz® 2011 National Tour / About the Tour

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About the Tour

Ed Poll's Road to Revenue, the LawBiz® 2011 National Tour is a 15-20 city tour throughout the US, from June through September 2011.

In each city, Ed will be working with local bar associations and law schools to offer an outstanding educational program to members, students and alumni.

Ed will offer a one-hour presentation, for CLE credit, focusing on law practice management issues on the following topics:

  • Managing Client Expectations
  • Collecting Fees and Getting Paid
  • Metrics of Financial Performance
  • Tips for Increased Revenue
  • The Exit Strategy: Succession & Retirement
  • Succession Planning

...or Ed will customize a presentation to meet the needs of your audience.

Each presentation will include time for Q&A and will be followed by a special Coach's Corner coaching session. In this unique format, Ed will offer coaching help to one or two attendees about their specific law business management issues, within the group context. This allows the entire audience to watch the interaction and consider how they may apply the discussion to their own specific situation.

Ed will be talking with legal publication journalists and local press en route to create awareness of the economic challenges and ethical dilemmas facing today's attorneys and law firms.

Attendees will receive special promotions on Ed Poll's books and audio guides for practice management, as well as promotional packages from tour sponsors.