Ed Poll's Road to Revenue, The LawBiz® 2011 National Tour / Why Now?

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Why Now?

Growing the law practice in tough times is an essential need of lawyers and firms.

For the first time in American history, thousands of lawyers have been laid-off. Many of these lawyers are looking for guidance to start a new, solo practice.

Lawyers must know more about The Business of Law® in order to survive, let alone thrive, by effectively meeting the needs and expectations of clients. This tour will address many of the challenges facing the sole practitioners and small firms who participate as we travel.

Lawyer Under StressThe very economic foundation of law practice has been shaken and the profession has been unalterably changed. When supply exceeds demand, as is currently the case, the stress level of lawyers increases dramatically. The need to increase billings and improve collection can lead to unprofessional conduct, which will lead to disciplinary charges. This tour will provide the materials lawyers need to increase their revenue and reduce their stress by effectively addressing their challenges.

For the first time, groups across the country will have the opportunity to interact with renowned law business management expert Ed Poll in a small, intimate setting. Each stop will include presentations and small group coaching sessions addressing the top challenges facing successful attorneys and managing partners as they try to improve profits and improve revenue in their firms while simultaneously decreasing stress.