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The 2011 Road to Revenue Tour is proudly brought to you by Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., a market leader in document imaging scanners and services.

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Lexis Nexis

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The Lexis Hub for new attorneys, associates and law school students helps new lawyers transition from legal education to the practice of law. The Lexis Hub provides free career advice, professional tips, legal insights and analysis, cost-effective legal research tips, job postings and legal practice area insights to expand your legal knowledge. The Lexis Hub is the premier career guidance resource for new attorneys, associates and law students.



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ALA: Association of Legal Administrators

Our mission is to promote and enhance the competence and professionalism of all members of the legal management team.

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Dolan Company

The Dolan Company is a leading provider of necessary business information and professional services to legal, financial and real estate sectors in the United States and the publisher of the Lawyers Weekly publications.

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