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Ed Poll
"Through Ed's invaluable coaching and no-nonsense approach, he enabled me not only to stay employed at the firm, but to make partner and have a future with the firm." JM, Los Angeles, CA
"It is a joy and pleasure working with Ed and I look forward to each coaching session. My only regret is that I did not start sooner!" JRL, Atlanta, GA
"Ed knew the right questions to make me answer. Ed has taught me virtually everything I know about formation, planning, and now management of a successful law firm." RJM, Los Angeles, CA
"I felt 'stuck' but I didn't know how to market myself to clients or to other firms. Ed provided a solid grounding for me to evaluate my current situation and platform from which I could start growing my own practice." CH, San Francisco, CA
"Ed's command of the podium and his connection and interaction with the audience were outstanding. His skills enabled us to successfully implement a new culture into the organization without damaging our relationships with outside counsel." LS, Torrance, CA
"I would highly recommend the services of Ed Poll to anyone in need of assistance with understanding their business, improving its operations of valuing it for sale of transition to some other operational format." DMG, Austin, TX

Consulting Services

Taking Your Practice to the Next Level

Would you like to develop a strategy to bring in new business, attract higher quality cases and clients, or deliver legal services more effectively and efficiently?

Ed Poll, nationally recognized law firm strategist and best-selling author of practical guides to profit, consults with attorneys and law firms to help them meet their specific goals.

Each law firm's issues are varied and unique, which is why it's so critical to work with someone like Ed , who brings 25 years of legal and 20 years of consulting experience in all aspects of the legal profession.

A small sample of the consulting services we provide includes:

Individual Coaching

Good athletes become great and stay at the top of their sport only with coaching. If it works for Lance Armstrong (cycling), Michelle Kwan (figure skating), Brett Favre (football), and other great athletes, then coaching will work for you. Ed Poll will coach you to achieve more income, control of your practice, and gain peace of mind. You'll get personal advice from Ed Poll, who for 25 years practiced law as a partner and sole practitioner, as well as general counsel, and for 20 years has coached and consulted with both law firms and individual lawyers. By meeting with Ed or speaking to him on the phone, you'll reach your professional goals more quickly.

Business Development

Business development, practice development, and Marketing, have been described as the backbone of all growth efforts. Ed understands how to take you from your current level of revenue to the next level of growth within your comfort zone. This is not just an advertising push. It is, most importantly, first understanding what you are comfortable doing, what your objectives are, and then crafting a plan which you agree to follow that will take you to your goal… quickly and painlessly.

Accounts Receivable Advice

If your firm is collecting less than 95% of its billings, Ed can help you bring in what is owed. A financial expert, he will show you the pre-invoice, billing, and follow-up methods that lead to quick payment. Low collection rates are a precursor to other serious problems, and Ed will tell you how to avoid trouble. He's the author of Collecting Your Accounts Receivable: Getting Paid From Intake to Invoice, (2003 ABA).

Profitability Audits

Drawing on the best practices of the legal profession, Ed will analyze your operating procedures and recommend changes to increase profitability margins.

Turnkey Practice Transition

Whether you are moving from a large firm to your own practice, moving your practice to a new firm, or hanging out your own shingle, Ed will make the transition go more smoothly so that you can focus on your client work.

Strategic Planning

With Ed's help, you'll learn how to set goals, create a marketing plan, avoid business problems, and create a cash flow statement. Your firm will enjoy greater profits resulting from more effective delivery of legal services to a higher quality roster of clients. Ed is the author of the book The Profitable Law Office Handbook: Attorney's Guide to Successful Business Planning.

Guidance on Buying & Selling a Law Practice

Ed can help you successfully transfer the value of your practice through a merger, retirement, or breakup, turning your years of effort in building client files and a reputable practice into real money. Thanks to changes in the American Bar Association's Rules of Professional Conduct in 1991, small firms, sole practitioners, and their heirs can now get full value for their practices just like larger firms do. Ed knows all the ins and outs of buying and selling law practices.

Call Ed at (800) 837-5880 or e-mail to make your first no-commitment appointment to discuss your business goals and objectives and find out how our consulting can help your situation.

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